You are extraordinary


You are extraordinary

People learn things from the way you speak and the words you say

They learn things from the behaviour you model and the contribution you make

They learn things from the challenges you take on and the causes you stand up for

They learn things from how you deal with the difficulties you’ve faced and the successes you’ve achieved

They learn things from you

Sometimes they realise what they’re learning but often they don’t

Do you know?

Do you know what you’re teaching us about the special and extraordinary human being you are and will become?

Do you know how important your example is?

Do you know the contribution you make to every room you walk into?

Don’t keep your gifts and talents a secret

Find a way to share your words, your experiences, your hopes, your dreams

Find the people who believe in you

These are your people

They’re the ones who’ve got your back, the ones who want to see you succeed, the ones who want to hear and say amazing things about you

So be brave

Find your people

Share your dreams

Be extraordinary


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