The Powerhouse Playbook

I started writing The Powerhouse Playbook for myself… for the smallest kid in school that didn’t give in to the year 6 bully who kicked her five year old ass in the playground because she’d flat out rejected his order to eat faster during lunch (slow eating aids digestion, Patrick!).

It’s for the eleven year old kid who got a poor person’s place at a prestigious private school and knew it was an important opportunity but never felt like she really fit in.

It’s for the eighteen year old me who felt there was something wrong with her because she wasn’t ‘passionate’ enough about any subject to know whether studying it for 3 years at university was a good idea.

It’s for every version of myself that had the suspicion, despite intense feelings to the contrary, that there was a special version of excellence that I was meant to create from my particular strengths and challenges even though it felt so far away that I couldn’t even see it on the horizon.

adventure backpack beach blonde

Recognising your unique combination of gifts and acknowledging the rare insights crafted from your experience give you a special Jason Bourne style ability to turn anything about yourself or your circumstances into an asset (look at what he can do with a touch of amnesia and a biro!).

Our reactions to the real and imagined obstacles of our lives today are the energy that will drive us towards being the powerhouse franchises of tomorrow.

You don’t have to break through every ceiling and stereotype.  But I believe that when you want to make a change in yourself and your life, there’s a way to turn all your strength, all your insight, all your love and fear, disadvantage and limitation into the kind of power that might be called greatness…

to become the powerhouse of your life and maybe the lives of other people… to transform your world from the inside out.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now, let’s go kick some ass.

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