Lovely ugly

Be a shade lighter (or darker)
Be an inch taller (or shorter)
Have a smaller nose (or a bigger one)

Have finer hair.  Have thicker hair.
Be thinner.  Be curvier.
Wear more make up.  Wear less make up.

Be smarter.  
Be tougher.
Trust yourself less and people who judge you more.

Be more popular.  
Be less sensitive.
Have more friends.

One day you’ll love your own face more than the lighter/darker/finer/smoother one that you once wanted to have

One day you’ll love your experiences more than the experiences that people on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube seem to be having

One day you’ll love your own heart and mind more than you love the idea of fitting in

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Like the wonkiest Christmas tree at the stall or the ugliest dog in the pound

One of the bravest things any human being can do is to show up in their ‘wonkiness’ and ‘ugliness’ and weirdness

If we could see inside ourselves and each other, we’d see that the shape of our bodies and our lives is always changing and that the shapes we make are far more interesting and beautiful than the space we sometimes think that the world has made for us

We’d see that the parts of ourselves that we reject because they don’t fit in are the loveliest

Even the ‘ugly’ parts of you are lovely

You are beautiful

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