Permission to be badass

Once upon a time you were a badass.  You owned the world.  You were Luke Skywalker/Princess Leah/Matilda/Rainbow the unicorn My Little Pony.  You were awesome by accident and on purpose.

You didn’t care about ‘failure’.  Self doubt was too many syllables for your vocabulary.

You just tried stuff because you wanted to.  It wasn’t about everything working out exactly as you planned. It was about exploring, playing, learning, doing things your way.

You brought a special energy into every room. You slayed dragons on a daily basis. You were a tiny powerhouse.

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One day you got powerhouse amnesia. You started playing by the rules, listening to people who were bigger than you, more popular than you, more serious than you. You started believing that nothing you did was enough, that you had to be better than other people to succeed, that your story had no place.

You thought that being small was a disadvantage. You thought that you didn’t have the skills, knowledge, experience, time, social background to make a difference.

We’re all born badass

We just get talked out of it. Let’s talk ourselves back in.

Every post on this blog is a tiny powerhouse play, a permission slip to take back control, connect with others as equals and thrive in the entrepreneurial space.

You have permission to be silly.

You have permission to play.

You have permission to be badass.

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