Two hundred love letters

A few years ago I started writing a novel called Two Hundred Love Letters about an admin assistant who, to help pay for expensive work to her house, makes extra money by writing love letters for other people.

Sadly for novel readers all over the world, like most of my amazing ideas, it remains a piece of unfinished brilliance.  But I’m still obsessed with the idea that, at its best, everything you write can be a kind of love letter. 

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Even a CV.  A really outstanding CV isn’t a list of big, impressive job titles.  It’s a letter to someone who you want to work with about how you’ve woven valuable experiences into the fabric of your life and sewn them all together to make a unique patchwork quilt to wrap around the things that matter.

Anyone can have an experience but it’s only love (the gritty, tenacious kind) that makes you look honestly at what happened and work out how it fits: why you did that thing, why you spent so long in that place, what you learnt from it and how these micro patterns are part of the bigger picture called life. 

Valuing your experiences enough to give them clear and intentional reflection is the magic that helps you transform something that used to be a pile of threads into something that keeps you warm. 

Love is the work you do to understand yourself better and bring more of who you are into your relationships, your business, your life. 

Love is the only thing that makes anything valuable.

Are we still talking about CVs?

Yes, because if you were looking for someone to work at the company you created and cared about, wouldn’t you be looking for someone who cares too? 

Wouldn’t you look for someone who hasn’t just collected the right experiences from the right places but who has done the real work of putting them together in a way that helps you understand what they care about?

Wouldn’t you look for someone who knows how to look after precious things?

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