What do I worry about?

Day 23 of The Vulnerability Challenge: What do I worry about?

My list of worries includes: I’m not doing enough.  I’m making the wrong choices. I’m selfish. I’m rubbish at the things I want to do.  I’m delusional. I’m not being honest. I’ve offended someone without realising. There’s not enough time.  There’s too much plastic. The polar bears are losing their natural habitat.

I’m an excellent worrier. I can find something to worry about in almost anything. Right now, I’m worried that this post is going to be boring.

But then I realised that…

Worry is one of the most boring things you can do with your imagination.

Instead of letting your creativity use all its colours to paint interesting pictures of possibility, worry only lets you use shades of grey to paint disappointment and disaster.

I used to think that worrying meant I cared. But maybe it’s just a way of avoiding living in the fragility of here and now and taking it all in even (or especially) because this moment will never come again.

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