What matters most in my life?

Day 27 of The Vulnerability Challenge: What matters most in my life?

When I lost someone who was really important to me, I shut down.  I numbed the pain. Most of the time I didn’t know if I still existed.  Every moment felt pointless.

But slowly I started wanting things again. I wanted to educate myself, write a book, learn how to digitally animate it, live on a Pacific island.  So I started doing those things.

I started showing up again.  

And as unexpected things started happening and I grew into a new version of myself, I realised that the old feelings of loss and grief that I’d been running away from weren’t dissimilar to the new feelings of inspiration and joy that I was beginning to have.  

Each moment was asking the same thing of me: are you going to show up? Are you going to show up to grief, to loss, to conflict? Are you going to show up to excitement and contentment and peace?

Every moment is offering exactly the same thing: the opportunity to show up and be curious about what you find.

So what matters most in my life is every chance that I get to bring myself fully into it, to learn something new about this human experience, this spiritual journey, this crazy ride.

What matters most in my life is this moment, showing up to it and having the courage and openness to love the people and other beautiful things that are there too.

Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

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