Big story, little story

“I’m just a girl. No one special. I shouldn’t really be allowed to do amazing things. I can’t do that. I don’t have the right. I’m not that sort of person.”

I became so familiar with this story that after a while, I thought it was the truth. But as I listened to other people’s stories and heard how small they also kept themselves even though they seemed amazing and wonderful, I wondered, if their small story isn’t true about them, maybe mine’s not true about me?

When we tell our small story, we become our small self. When we tell ourselves the ‘I can’t’ ‘I shouldn’t’ ‘I’m not’ story, we become a person who can’t, shouldn’t, isn’t. And we know it’s happening because we feel bored, sad, held back even as the words come out of our mouths.

So I’ve started telling a different story. A big story. It’s the story of what I can and who I am.

It’s scary because telling your big story announces your intention to the world that you’re not settling for mediocre and invisible and limited. You’re not hiding behind all the excuses that you could get away with hiding behind. You’re holding yourself accountable. You’re taking responsibility for your creativity and ambition and joy.

But it’s worth it because when you tell your big story, it doesn’t feel like you’ve told it a thousand times before. Every time you tell it feels like the first time… it feels like joy and possibility… it feels like fun and freedom… it feels like the beginning of magic.

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