I see you

When I first saw Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk, Start with Why, I immediately thought my ‘why’ was to help people reach their potential. I was impressed with myself… I’d chosen a noble cause.

But just below the noble surface, was a sad story fighting for survival. A story about how my potential hadn’t been noticed when I was at school and how I’d be the hero that saved others from a similar fate. It was an angry ‘why’ pretending to be an admirable one.

And I didn’t want a sad, angry, admirable purpose. I wanted a fun, freeing, happy, shiny one. So maybe my real ‘why’ was to ditch the old memory of not being seen and create the new possibility of simply showing up and letting myself be seen.

It reminded me of a Zulu greeting I’d heard years before…

Sikhona (I am here to be seen)

Sawubona (I see you)

Zulu Greeting

How different would today be if you greeted everyone you met with this intention? What would it feel like to see them without their mask on and let them see you without yours?

So I’ve changed my ‘why’.

Instead of reacting to a narrow interpretation of events that happened decades ago, the purpose of my business, my talks, my lectures, everything I can get my purposeful little paws on, is to create a space for the human connection that happens when you commit to showing up, being seen and seeing the person in front of you.

I am here to be seen

I see you

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