For the love of it…

After several years of hiding from what I wanted to do by asking myself things like ‘who am I to be a writer?’, I realised that I was using my imposter syndrome to avoid doing the work. The real question was, ‘who am I to think I should be a writer without putting in the time and dedication to actually write?’

Why should I be allowed to skip being an amateur?

Amateur… from the Italian amatore – lover

Ohhh! No wonder I didn’t write before! Back then love meant something different to me. It meant validation… looking for someone else to like what I was doing and decide whether I should be allowed to do it.

But now love means showing up. It means choosing someone or something not because it tells you you’re amazing but because it brings out the qualities that you want to embody and requires you to be the kind of person you want to be.

I started writing when I not only accepted that I was an amateur but when I felt the joy of being an amateur… the joy of knowing that I’m showing up to write every day, letting it bring out the best in me. Knowing that my best is often a bit of a mess and that’s ok because the rest is love.

Be an amateur today… do something for the love of it…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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