So unsexy

The last thing I want to do with the last 15 minutes of the day is put together a blog post. In fact, I’m so tired that I’m pretty sure if I try to write past midnight, my brain will turn into a pumpkin.

But doing work that matters to you whether you feel like it or not is what makes it matter. Commitment means not making that thing responsible for entertaining you, inspiring you, rescuing you from an artistic coma. When you love something, it’s still your job to re-pledge your oath of allegiance to it every day.

Nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it.

Seth Godin

In other words, sometimes there’s no passion. None. Zero.

Doing work that matters is unsexy. If you really commit to showing up to it every day, you’re also committing to letting it see you in your pyjamas (the yucky, old, grey ones) and your birds nest hair held vaguely in place with a chewed up biro.

And that’s no excuse for hiding from the task. Your job is still to show up to what you love.

Because you don’t love something for what it can do for you.

You love something so it can make you give the best of you.

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