Commando roly poly!

He was on a mission. He came charging down the hill, tumbled into a roly poly, commando style, got up and continued charging to the bottom.

The roll was completely unnecessary. It interrupted his journey making it longer than it needed to be. And that’s what made me want to be him. Getting to the bottom of the hill in the fastest, most efficient way possible wasn’t his goal.

This little mutt’s goal was to feel pure joy.

When was the last time that I traded in speed and efficiency for joy? When was the last time that I felt the joyful determination of a French bulldog (you know… the ones that look like tiny pigs) hurling himself down a slope pretending to be Indiana Jones?

I love the feeling of being really driven and powering towards some world changing goal. But I often assume that joy will be a by product, that I don’t need to make space for it, that it’ll just appear.

But why would joy be different from any other emotion that you want to feel? It wants to be noticed, created, engaged with. Life isn’t just about reaching goals. It’s also about doing wildly unnecessary roly poly’s along the way.

So, by the power vested in me by a mad little dog in the park, today I’ll remind myself, in the midst of my intense efforts to change the world, to interrupt the schedule and commando roll down the hill…

For the pure joy of it.

This isn’t the one I saw but oh how I laughed again and again!

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