Beautiful little weirdo

My dog’s nickname is Salvadog Dali because she’s mad. I have to piece together her history from her reactions to seemingly harmless things like tape measures… she almost had a nervous breakdown the first time I used one near her and I knew that only something very bad could have created an extreme phobia like that.

She was scared when she first came to me and her fear showed up as aggression. She seemed like an angry dog. But as she became more comfortable, her confidence grew and her real personality came out.

It turns out that she’s the lady and the tramp… daintily separating her chicken from her vegetables at dinner time then having the time of her life rooting through the genuinely gross contents of the nearest unsecured bin. She looks like a baby seal one minute and Jack Nicholson the next. When I come home she wags her tail so energetically she looks like a helicopter about to take off. She’s made a nest out of every blanket I own.

And she’s a masterclass in being yourself.

An untamed, wild thing that just needed a place to call home with another untamed wild thing.

She reminds me of what we all are under the mask and the armour and the bravado…

Beautiful little wierdos.

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