Becoming who you need to be

It’s easy to think that a dream is ‘out there’ in the future. That so many impossible things completely beyond your control have to align and click into place before you can reach it.

But I just spent 47 minutes cleaning every inch of my living room rug with 3 different cleaning tools (so so satisfying… pure dopamine rush!) which means that I spent 40 minutes not being who I need to be to have the life I want to have.

There are cool things I could’ve learnt, cool conversations I could’ve had. There’s a half hour run I could’ve done round the park (oh… who am I kidding?). I could’ve started and finished this post.

The point is that I just spent 40 minutes not being a writer/entrepreneur/doer of exercise. And that’s not because I don’t have the means or the connections. It’s because I chose to velcro roll the living room carpet for 40 minutes longer than it really wanted to be velcro rolled for instead.

The life I want isn’t waiting, fully formed, to be discovered, hoping that once the floor is swept and the desk is tidy I’ll look up and notice it.

The life I want can only be created.

By me.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ironicus15 says:

    You can come and clean my carpet – or windows or floors or woodwork, or whatever any time you like. Look forward. L.

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    1. Shâo says:

      Ha ha! Perfect for my procrastination! S x


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