Perfectionism is a big baby!

I’m having my weekly argument with myself about the foolhardy decision to blog every day. What’s the point? Why aren’t I better at it? Why can’t I watch Netflix instead like normal people?

Some people might call this writer’s block but it’s not.

It’s my old frenemy perfectionism pretending to be helpful by reminding me that the minute I hit ‘publish’, I’ll be exposed as boring/amateur/incompetent. Perfectionism is a dastardly critic in a faithful ally’s clothing. “I’m just trying to make you better,” it says as it steals all the joy.

I think it just needs a margarita.

Because although writing this blog was meant to be about serious things like dedication, commitment, learning a craft. It was also meant to be fun, creative… a way of pulling at a thread and seeing what unravels.

And if I pull at a fun-stealing perfectionist thread, what will unravel and fall apart is the need to avoid criticism.

Perfectionism is the belief that if we do things perfectly and look perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgment, and shame.

Brene Brown

It’s not writer’s block that’s preventing me from making a blog post. It’s the need to make it perfect so that people will like me (my inner perfectionist is a big baby!).

Maybe if I stop trying to make perfect things, I’ll start just making things. Because creativity… feeling the joy, delight, wild abandon of making something from nothing, matters just a bit more to me than avoiding the fear of being imperfect.

Don’t let the overgrown toddler of perfectionism stop you from playing and seeing things differently. If nature had refused to play, we wouldn’t have bananas.

So make weird, misshapen, imperfect things that make you happy today.

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