This might be a scrappy day

You know those annoying little tasks you have to do… the email that you should’ve replied to three days ago, the five minute phone call you should’ve made, the day old sandwich you should’ve thrown out?

And it feels like you can’t do any big, important work until you’ve done those little things so you end up doing nothing?

I love/hate motivational quotes about focusing on goals, following dreams blah, inspiration, blah. But they don’t make old sandwiches walk themselves into the food recycling and they’re not permission to neglect basic details.

Sometimes, you have to do the boring little things. It’s not their fault that they’re boring and little. I was boring and little once and look at me now (ha ha!).

Boring and little doesn’t mean unimportant.

I’m addicted to the idea of big, powerful days full of big powerful thoughts and purposeful action. But if, as I believe, everything has the seed of greatness inside it, then the boring, little things need to be looked after and cared for too.

The engine of big things is powered by the energy of small things.

So today might be a scrappy day but the little things that make it scrappy matter and if you look after them carefully you never know what they’ll grow into*.

*except the sandwich… if you don’t throw that out soon, we do know what that will grow into

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