Shine, shine, shine

Yesterday I bought 2 bunches of sad looking, limp, dehydrated, past their sell by date daffodils that I didn’t need, because I’m a sucker for things that have been left to fade before they’ve had their chance to shine.

They came to life within minutes of being placed in water and now this cheery vase brimming with twenty eight blooming flowers reminds me that all we really want to do is find what we need to help us grow into the most open, happy, joyful version of ourselves we can become.

Sometimes it feels like huge success and buying a tropical island would make me joyful. But although I’d be really good at hanging out in a hammock drinking margaritas all day, it’s becoming who you want to be that matters more than getting what you want to have.

Everything you want is just another way of helping you grow.

Why do I go to an improv class that I’m useless at? Why do I write a blog every day? Why did I start a teeny, tiny business?

Because they’re water. When I’m in them, I grow. When I’m being a pretentious priest (improv class), when I’m deciding what to write about (this blog), when I’m meeting someone new (my teeny tiny business), I get chance after chance to become the open, happy, playful me that I like being.

Whatever you do today, whatever you want today, let it bring out in you the person you want to be.

Shine, shine, shine.

Photo by Jacek Mleczek on

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