Don’t try not to be weird

Last night I went to Marioke… karaoke with video game themed lyrics. Yep… it’s a thing! A weird, silly, inimitable thing. Weird is what makes you trek from one end of London to another to find out if it’s a mad as it sounds (it is). If Marioke wasn’t weird, it would just be plain old karaoke.

Singing “Mario” to the classic tune of Toto’s “Africa”might not be your thing but you’re weird too… in your own special way.

When you try not to be, you don’t just banish a piece of your identity, you deny a part of your soul. You make yourself tolerable, acceptable and instantly forgettable because you’re filtering out the funny lyrics to the song of your life… a song that only you can sing. You’re trying to sound like a manufactured boy band when in your heart you’re Elvis.

Being a bit odd is part of what makes you you.

And in case you need any further encouragement, weird comes from the old English word meaning having the power to control fate

Say whaaaaat?!!

Would you really trade in controlling destiny for the appearance of average or normal?

So enjoy your quirks and eccentricities… the things about you that not everyone understands but when they do, they stand up and belt out the anthem alongside you and you’re glad you showed them how to. Your weirdness rocks.

Don’t try not to be weird.

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