What you say matters

Ever since I can remember, I’ve felt a conflict between the idea that words are just words but that they can also start and end wars. They can be the difference between hurting someone and helping them. They can be completely meaningless and they can also change a life.

How can both be true?

After years of writing but never sharing because it was ‘silly’ to think that saying stuff could have any power, I realised that I’d been totally missing the point.

It wasn’t about words. It was about what you’d done to earn them, the journey you’d gone on to give them meaning. That’s why words like freedom, passion, even love felt almost gimmicky for a long time to me. Because they were treasures that I hadn’t travelled into my own heart and soul and past and present to find.

Last year as I faced one of my biggest demons, instead of running away like I wanted to, I went into the past and untangled myself from the old story of who I used to be… the story of a person who had no power to make a change.

Breaking out of that story felt like rising to the surface. Speaking the word that I’d found wasn’t gimmicky any more. It felt like breathing…


Your experience is what gives words their value. They gain their power from who you had to become to dive to the bottom of the ocean and come back up with a new meaning that you now feel in your bones, in your body, in your life.

So it’s only when we really experience our own freedom to think what we want to think and feel what we want to feel, and it’s only when we really open ourselves up to the vulnerability of joy and forgiveness and gratitude and love that we can say them out loud and feel like we can move mountains and slay dragons.

When you’ve been on a journey to mean what you say, what you say matters.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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