You’re the tiger

Tony Robbins says that our brains aren’t designed to make us happy. They’re designed to keep us alive. So they perceive almost everything as a threat.

We use bravado, filters and fake indifference to cover it up but we basically treat an unanswered text, an unliked photo, a negative comment as a level 9 security breach.

My lizard brain insists that when I’m about to hit ‘publish’ on my poor fluffy bunny of a blog post, the doubt that creeps up on me is an actual hungry tiger. The fear that rushes in when I’m about to ask a perfect stranger to invest in my vision for changing the world is no different from the panic of thinking a wild dog is about to steal my baby.

But what if, instead of deciding that the jolt of panic means I should stay safe, stick to what I know, never take a risk, I remembered that the thing that feels like fear is also the wild part of me?

That wild feeling of not knowing can be called fear. But it can also be called excitement.

You don’t get to decide whether the thing that’s going to happen is an incredible success or an epic failure. But you can decide whether to tiptoe around the edge. You can decide to hold yourself back, stay quiet, stay in the shadows. You can decide to inhabit the rabbit.

Or you can turn your uncertainty into power. You can call on all the brave leaps you’ve taken before. You can draw on the energy of the wild. You can decide to face the thing you’re about to make happen, success or failure, with the eye of the tiger.

(Cue Rocky music)

I’m going to ask a stranger for money to invest in my vision for the future today.

Do something that your wild heart wants you to do. You’re free. You’re the tiger.

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