How can you win the X prize?

When Peter Diamandis offered a $10 million prize for the team who could find a way to build the first commercial reusable spacecraft, NASA and lots of big, powerful, intelligent organisations told him it was completely impossible. 8 years later, an aerospace engineer won the prize with a plan for completing the mission for a fraction of the cost at a fraction of the human resource.

When you set an impossible goal, forces gather to make it happen.

People talk to each other. They draw things on napkins. They make outrageous suggestions. They get excited. They find a way.

After days of doing a Tasmanian devil impression to try and make my version of impossible things happen, I ended up yesterday accidentally napping on my laptop and waking up with ‘KL:<>?‘ literally imprinted on my face. So don’t listen to me.

But maybe listen to the guy who decided to create a competition that everyone said was impossible to win and who ended up sending people into space anyway… twice!

The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.

Peter Diamandis

What crazy idea will you have today?

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