Get your butt kicked too!

A guy at the back (it’s always a guy at the back) makes an inappropriate comment. I feel momentarily offended/irritated/vulnerable. But I stop short of anger because I remember, it just means the presentation I’m giving isn’t for him.

Comments like the one he just made used to bother me (a lot). But now when someone makes an offensive remark, although I still secretly wish a big cartoon anvil would fall on his head, it reminds me that I’m not here to make people believe what I believe or please them or convince them.

I’m here for the other people in the room… the ones who have made a commitment to themselves to make a change, who take themselves seriously, who know why they’re here.

Whenever you take a risk by doing something different, there’ll always be a guy at the back. He’s usually trying to impress some other guy at the back. And it’s not always easy to stay focused on your goal. But…

If you’re not in the arena getting your butt kicked too, I’m not interested in your feedback.

Brené Brown

I’m not interested because it’s easy to sit at the back.

I’d rather be at the front, standing for something, believing in something, trying to do work that matters to me. I’d rather remember that it’s not about pleasing everyone. It’s about showing up and finding the other people who are showing up too.

What are you going to show up for today?

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