Be your best when you’re at your worst

Day 25 of the Habit of Ferocity challenge: Be your best when you’re at your worst. According to Steven Kotler, founder of the course and one of the world’s leading experts on Ultimate Human Performance, becoming ferocious includes training yourself to do important tasks when you least feel like doing them (in his case practising an important speech when he’s tired, hungry and just climbed a couple of mountains) because:

You don’t rise to the occasion. You sink to the level of your training.

Anonymous Navy Seal

So badass! This is the best challenge ever! This is the part where I get to fulfil the Jason Bourne bit of my destiny. But maybe I’ll have lunch first. I fall into a pasta coma for an hour.

I’m as fierce as a baby chipmunk.

No matter how fun you can make it or how badass the results sound, real learning is hard. In the gap between where you are (baby chipmunk) and where you want to be (fierce lion) you can’t just instal shiny new habits. You also have to unlearn the ones that are holding you back.

Most of all, you have to unlearn the habit of telling yourself when you fail that you’re ‘no good at this’ or you’re ‘not meant to be fierce’ at what you want to do.

And now I realise that I didn’t start this blog just to learn the discipline of committing to something every day. Doing it every day is a practice of hearing my inner “you’re not qualified/experienced/interesting enough to do this” and practising the answer, “thanks, baby chipmunk, but I’ve got this.”

Do something that the chipmunk says you can’t today… it will be your version of the habit of ferocity… roar!

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