Goals are stupid!

I have to stop doing questionnaires… you know, the ones where you rate your level of happiness/success/whatever against important life goals like spiritual fulfilment, career, health and fitness. I didn’t score very highly on the one I just did.

Goals are stupid! Health and fitness is stupid!

It’s confusing. In my head, I’m Steve Jobs’ and Oprah Winfrey’s secret love child but according to these tests I’m Homer Simpson. Surely after all these blog posts, big thoughts and world changing aspirations, I should be appearing on Super Soul Sunday by now?

But on a call with my accountability partner (ha! I’ve got an accountability partner… in your face, life goal questionnaire!) I realise that the higher you want to reach, the deeper into your roots you have to go.

And that makes me realise that maybe that’s the whole point of chasing big dreams and goals… we create them to make us do the inner work and find the strength and courage we need to reach them.

Maybe a dream is just the playful, happy, creative beings that we are, under the masks, under the armour, under the old stories, asking us to make a space so that we can dance, to create a path so that we can go on an adventure.

Maybe your most closely held dream is just waiting for you to say…

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen

Winnie the Pooh

Ok, ok… maybe goals aren’t completely stupid. Set good ones today!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adebomi Salu says:

    😁😁 goals aren’t stupid…well, not totally 😁. I think realistic ones just need to be set ( I’m I playing safe here???….). Goals make us accountable and we are sometimes scared of being accountable ( that’s me😊)
    Thanks Shao, you always get me thinking 🤔


    1. Shâo says:

      What a great comment! I love that this has got you thinking! I completely agree that accountability is important but I prefer promises than goals to keep me accountable. I personally find it almost impossible to break a promise but can let myself off the hook for not achieving a goal. For goal setting please please please watch Vishen Lakhiani: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI-qpS05W7k to make sure you’re not playing safe! Be extraordinary as always today!

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