You’re allowed to try again

I failed at Tuesday. I messed up all day long. If yesterday was the Olympics, I was Monaco (it’s never won a single medal… oh Monaco… I know how you feel!). It wasn’t even big, sexy, epic failure. Just the regular, garden variety feeling imperfect and insecure type.

So I gave my inner Eeyore a cup of tea and reminded him of 2 things:

  1. No day is 100% sucky. As Jay Shetty says, when you say you’re having a bad day sometimes you’re actually just having a bad minute
  2. You get to start again. No matter how sucky or imperfect or insecure you feel, you get to have another go. Every day… every moment. You get to have different feelings. You get to be kinder to yourself. You get to say, “sometimes I feel sucky and imperfect and insecure… And I love that!” (à la Kyle Cease)

You can fail. You’re allowed to try again… and again… and again.

Monaco has only missed one of the last 28 Olympic Games and it keeps sending its athletes to compete. It’s never won a medal and it keeps training, putting in the reps, showing up.

So I’ll make like Monaco and keep showing up to Tuesdays (who cares if certain minutes of this one were sucky?!). I’ll keep setting myself challenges that scare me (who cares if they frighten the life out of me?!). I’ll keep showing up to hit ‘publish’ (who cares if I don’t feel like it… or that I’ve never trained for anything physical in my life so I’m pretending that daily blogging is like writer bench presses?!).

Every day, every challenge, every post is a chance to start again, a chance to have a miraculous minute.

Take a big stretch and have many, many wonderful minutes today!

What my version of training looks like

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