You deserve a better boss

According to WikiHow, being a good boss includes:

  • Creating a positive workplace culture
  • Supporting and communicating well with your employees
  • Having a great attitude

Looking up ‘how to’ lists is an excellent displacement activity when you should be writing a blog post. And this one makes me wonder why I can happily commit to following WikiHow rules of creating a pleasant working environment when I’m managing a team. But when I’m managing myself, crisp packets become a regular feature of my workspace landscape and my inner boss barks out vague orders then expects me to do amazing work while she goes off to treat herself to a doughnut.

You don’t have to be a freelancer or entrepreneur to work for yourself. You’re working for yourself when you study or write a blog or cook and clean for your whole household (if you’re the latter, please come and live with me!).

Working for yourself is hard.

Because being your own boss is more than just the freedom to wear your pyjamas like they’re a uniform. To really be your own boss and manage the project called your life, intellectual commitment isn’t enough. You have to create trust.

You have to make promises to yourself and keep them… promises from: “I will provide you with a desk that isn’t obscured by peanut cookie wrappers” to “I’ll be really clear about what I’m asking you to do and why so you don’t end up feeling like this guy at the end of the day.”

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Whatever you’re procrastinating about… I mean working on, be a great boss to work for.

Happy weekend!

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