Seek the Mushrooms that will guide you to your future

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve loved animals… especially those that are scared of people. I had endless patience for a Greek dog called Mushroom who never came within 6 feet of any human and I’d spend days trying to work out how she needed me to behave to make her trust me.

According to Robert Greene, you can uncover the career path you’re meant to follow by exploring what lit you up when you were younger. He calls these your primal inclinations. And for me that’s things like Mushroom finally coming to sit next to me (I wasn’t an ambitious child).

Unfortunately I couldn’t build a career on getting Greek dogs to sit next to me…

But I’ve realised that my primal inclination was to be a student of behaviour, to seek out the Mushrooms who could draw out of me the patience, compassion, respect that it takes to connect with another living creature.

And because I wanted to see what Mushroom saw, I learnt about people too. I learnt that if you want to share space with anyone, it demands more than shared interests and good intentions. It demands your animal intelligence. It demands that you understand animal communication, micro expressions of love, micro movements of joy, traces of uncertainty. It demands that you find complete calm inside yourself when there’s chaos outside.

During my ‘studies’ I learnt what confidence and fear look like, how authority sounds, how strength moves. And I learnt how to teach other people how to use this language of connection too.

Animal intelligence is the wild part of your nature that lit you up when you were a child and can help you find what will light up your future.

What is your animal intelligence telling you about your destiny?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Banna Kotze says:

    Goeie dag Shao [Afrikaans]
    May I first start by saying GELUK on your posts and I wish you STERKTE for the future. This may be long but I feel it is important.
    Secondly my animal instincts are telling me that it is now the time to say a huge Dankie by Dankie to a young man who introduced himself to anyone and everyone regardless of their ‘ social status’ as ‘Mini trainee pirate.’ The passion when bumping into him as he climbed the steps to go on stage during an interval at Tony Robbins event in London,United Kingdom.
    The passion with which he spoke never let up for the 2 days we saw him. His passion for the event and your blogs and his passion for you personally Shao was very noble, he compared you as a hidden mysterious Tony Robbins. He wanted to get people to read your material therefore helping people who are bombarded with videos 24/7 at least use their ability to read and think rather that always seeing..
    To have the set of balls to challenge notable speakers on the subject if stem cell, stem cell research, ethics, embryonic stem cell in which he launched an incredible tirade that at least 2 notable speakers and specialist doctors in that field could not counter him. One doctor admitted that after the tirade that deep down he has actually changed his mind on embryonic stem cell procedures but was not going to go public and admit this.
    He bought up the subject of performance enhancing drugs [PED’s] in sport in general and the disturbing rise in Boxing. My wife and I were in a state of disbelief a few days later when news broke worldwide about the horrific PED’s found in a fighter due to fight for the greatest prize in sport. He predicted this with total conviction that something huge is going to be uncovered in the coming week, it did. Does he know something that nobody else does? Or willing to to be ridiculed by speaking out.
    Shao, I assume you know who this person ‘Mini trainee pirate’is. Please tell him
    ‘Dit is n plesiur jou te antmoet’ and he is ‘vriendelike hart’ and ‘Briljant’. It was a privilege to see a man with no formal qualifications and schooling as he told me and be capable of holding a vast crowd spellbound and some visibly shaken to their core. He told me The way he casually was wondering with total impunity from the back of the arena the front constantly left me and my wife aghast, nobody else could get away with this, as well as bringing towards the front a homeless boxman who was a credit to the human race and my wife hugged him for 15 mins and they were crying together as boxman told my wife that only she and Mini trainee pirate’had hugged him and treated him like a human since leaving home about 4 years before. I did feel I was watching [Mini trainee pirate’] as a work in progress of a potential start of a new Tony Robbins.
    Very very sorry but I had to do this.


    1. Shâo says:

      Goeie dag… Dankie vir jou kommentaar, Banna (I hope that’s an accurate translation and I didn’t accidentally insult your whole language!).

      I do know who mini trainee pirate is and I’m not at all surprised that he made such a huge impact on you, your wife and everyone he met at UPW. I’ll let him know what you’ve said as I’m sure he’ll be delighted and moved.

      I love that you followed your animal instincts to post these comments too! Best wishes from London. Totsiens!


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