This is the juice

Why would you do something that you don’t always like doing every day?  David Goggins, toughest man on the planet and regular runner of 100 mile marathons, doesn’t like running.  But he does it every single day.

I can’t speak for Goggins (he’s so so so tough!!) but I think the only reason you do something you don’t want to do now is to get something you do want later.  You do training you don’t want to do today so you can be Michael Jordan tomorrow (or someone slightly resembling Michael Jordan quite a few tomorrows from now).  We do the boring, mundane tasks, the unsexy, unglamorous work, day in day out, for one moment of glory. 

Then we go back to work.

Whether it’s for the pride of winning an Olympic gold medal or looking after an animal or writing a book, the ultimate goal is to push you out of your comfort zone so you can squeeze the juice out of your dreams, abilities, perceived limitations and not leave anything on the table. So you can show up to something you care about every day and learn something new about your grit and determination.

I don’t show up to this blog every day because I always feel like it (extreme introverts don’t like saying personal stuff in public… they can barely manage being in more than one WhatsApp group). I do it to feel uncomfortable, to practise sticking with something even when it wants to chew me up and laugh in my face… I do it to take one of my limitations and go Goggins on its ass*!

Squeeze the juice out of life today.

*(if Goggins were a short, non athletic woman)

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