Girls just wanna…

Yesterday I was waiting for an important ‘yes’. I rehearsed it in my head, imagining the sense of achievement, exuberance, excitement. Then, because I share my brain with Oscar the Grouch, I visualised the complete opposite. Abject failure. A big, fat, depressing ‘no’.

So I made a promise to both my Oscar winning and Oscar Grouching selves: I will greet whichever response I get with the same level of unadulterated joy. If it’s a ‘yes’, I’ll leap up like a hyperactive kangaroo, punching the air and high fiving myself. If it’s a ‘no’, I’ll do exactly the same thing. I’ll even throw in a one person Mexican wave.

Because this is meant to be fun.

Sure… the future can seem scary and trying something new is pure uncertainty. But anyone who has time to write a blog post every day really doesn’t have an excuse not to enjoy life too.

So the manifesto which I invite you to sign up to today is:

  • Have fun failing
  • Have fun emailing
  • Have fun when you suck
  • Have fun when you feel stuck
  • Have fun feeling embarrassed about something you did in the past that people still remember
  • Have fun doing stuff you don’t want to do in May, June and September
  • Have fun being rejected… oh, rejection is so lame!
  • So ask and ask and have fun being rejected again!
  • Have fun walking down the street
  • Have fun brushing your teeth
  • Do a silly dance

Rinse and repeat.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Annika Kotze says:

    Goeie Dag Shao,
    I am Annika, wife of Mr Banna Kotze. I enjoy your blogs and your long words helps me in my English. I wished I could have seen you when you skype called Mini trainee pirate. We love you and we love mini trainee pirate and we love boxman.
    Dearest Shao, when mini trainee pirate was showing Will I Am your posts with boxman next to him I remember mini trainee pirate really upset and Will I Am saying to him that next time bring her as she has a special specific gift and they were laughing when he read out something like” I came to the sensible and mature conclusion, ‘my blog my rules’. Will I Am kissed him on the head.
    Ons Is Lief Vir Jiu Shao & mini trainee pirate.


    1. Shâo says:

      Goeie Dag Annika, thank you for your comments. The story is wild… probably better that I wasn’t there as I would’ve fainted or said something stupid! Ek stuur liefde na jou deel van die wêreld


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