Sometimes the work is to stop trying so hard

Never try to write a blog post in an airport lounge. Every type of noise imaginable will assail you. Every thought, idea, hint of inspiration will be assaulted and beaten into submission by security announcements in 12 different languages.

Until you have no choice but to give in to the whoosh of a distant hand dryer, surrender to the varied tones of Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin, set sail on the waves of mundane conversations made exotic by their unfamiliar vowel sounds and unintelligible words.

And then marvel at the world we’ve created where people from almost every culture on earth sit side by side ready to embark on unique adventures, escape unique circumstances, head home.

Sometimes fighting against the current and putting in more effort gets you where you want to go. But sometimes you see more when you stop trying so hard.

Peace requires us to surrender our illusions of control

Jack Kornfield

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