Your da Vinci code

Why is Leonardo da Vinci considered one of the greatest innovators of all time?

Is it because he produced work so exquisite that some experts won’t even put a price on it? Is it because his more than 13 000 pages of notes and sketches remind us that he was centuries ahead of renaissance engineering and even modern understanding of the human anatomy?

Or is it because he never let himself be held back by what others said was possible?

He never let the fact that things like human flight had never been achieved before stop him from inventing a way to fly.  He never let the fact that he was illegitimate and socially excluded from many of the employment opportunities of the time limit his ambitions.

He literally built wings in his spare time.

We may not ever produce the Mona Lisa of blogs or the Vitruvian man of websites. But maybe the magic of this titan of creativity, who died 500 years ago this month, isn’t so much the work itself but his relentless curiosity and refusal to restrict his imagination to what had gone before.

You may not have a particular desire to ‘describe the tongue of the woodpecker’ (a famous note to self buried in one of Leonardo’s notebooks) but to unlock your da Vinci code, maybe you just need to find the unique combination of questions that you have an unquenchable curiosity to answer… why am I here? Who can I help? How can I help them?

And explore the thousand ways that only you, with your unique experiences and perspective, can play with these questions to make a difference at work, at home, in life.

Experiment and create.

Believe that if you wake up every day alive to (im)possibility, one day you can master flight.

People of accomplishment rarely s[i]t back and let things happen to them. They [go] out and happen[] to things

Leonardo da Vinci

What are you going to happen to today?

Oh… and Leonardo was a vegetarian!

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