Don’t be a banana

I’ve tried so many ways to make myself actually eat the bananas that I buy every week… Pick the greenest ones so I have longer to get round to eating them. Put them in a nice bowl.  Put them in a nice bowl in the living room instead of the kitchen.

But no matter what I do, they end up ripening to the point of disintegration and I have to put them in a cake (ah… cake!). I still have a banana that went London to New York and back last week.

I keep things longer than they want to be kept… tropical fruit, money-off coupons, old stories. We keep old things because we convince ourselves we’ll need them one day.  

We keep old stories because it feels safer than having new ones…

‘I’m not qualified for my dream job’ feels safer than ‘let me go for it!’  

‘He won’t like me’ feels safer than ‘I’ll talk to him’

‘I’ll just write one more draft’ feels safer than ‘I’m hitting publish!’  

Like a banana, no story stays fresh for long. After a while it changes colour and turns to mush.  

Replenish the fruit bowl… do new things so you can tell new stories… buy some kiwi fruit so the bananas don’t get lonely!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. suzanna Ellison says:

    Hi Shao,
    My old story is now turned to mush, it is a squashed banana with added rotten apples on it.
    I have started working part time now and my husband is working slightly longer hours now because we have a plan now.
    Next year we are all going to Disney World, Florida and also to Cape Canaveral, Florida. We will book a tour around Kennedy Space Centre and if we can, see a launch of a rocket from the viewing area.
    Reading about Charlene going after her childhood dream, this was my dream since school. Nothing will stop me. I refuse to waste my life and my time any more. All the people who helped me, you know who you are. I love you all forever.
    The RockStar girls will see a rocket launched.
    Suzanna & The RockStar girls.


    1. Shâo says:

      Fantastic! What a great celebration of your rockstar family status!


  2. Banna Kotze & Annika says:

    Goeie Dag & Shao,
    This is Banna & Annika. Ons mis jou almal in Europa. We are laughing at the banana story. The adventures of your banana. We are wondering if you are going to frame that banana that you took to New York and then back to Europe. You could put it on your wall.
    You are so right. Time moves on, it waits for no one. New stories are created. Dont be scared. If you dont try, you dont know. If you dont go somewhere then you dont know what it is like. Add more South African blackberry and mangoes and Marula to your fruit.
    We salute you Shao, boxman and pirate man.
    Banna & Annika


    1. Shâo says:

      Goeie Dag Banna and Annika… enjoy your new stories!


  3. Cheryl Williams says:

    I will be replenishing my fruit bowl.
    I have a cat already. I am going to be a copycat now. I will be adopting a dog. Like my cat, it should show me unconditional love. I am not too sure what my cat is going to make of that. I might have to get a mouse for the cat.


    1. Shâo says:

      What a heartwarming story, Cheryl. Looking after animals makes us better people. And adopting them is a wonderful thing to do (hopefully your cat will agree!). Lovely news.


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