Break stuff!

  • “I’m anxious.”
  • “I’m awesome.”
  • “I’m clumsy.”
  • “I’m shy.”
  • “I’m rubbish at maths.”

You can get so addicted to certain ideas and feelings that they trap you under a layer that you call your identity. And when that identity is painful, you try to feel better by covering it up with another, more flattering layer:

Layer 1: “She’s the pretty one.”

Layer 2: “but at least I’m the clever one”

(I’m obviously not talking about me and my sister)

But what if you realised that it’s all just a cover up? What if you realised that you’re not anxious or clumsy or bad at maths? These are just thoughts you’ve had over and over again for a long time. They’re not who you are. They’re the shell and the foil wrapping… like an Easter egg.

What if you realised you can put on your safety goggles, take a sledge hammer to them and smash those babies up into tiny pieces?

Demolish “I’m anxious“…

Sure, sometimes the feeling of anxiety washes over you but that’s not who you are. You’re sometimes funny and thoughtful and weird too.

Crush “I’m the clever one“…

Sure, I might know a thing or two about Joseph Stiglitz’s perspective on globalisation. But I also believed a fake documentary about spaghetti growing on trees. Not always so bright then.

When you’re trapped inside an egg of anxiety or clumsiness or cleverness or any single word to describe who you are, smash through its foil wrapping… break through its shell.

You’ll find your glorious, quirky, messy, weird, lovable self inside.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection

“You’re so pretty!”
“No… you’re so pretty!”

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