How to feel rich

Any business consultant or marketing ‘how to…’ article will have a passionate fixation on how you ‘provide value’ to your customers/followers/readers. Unfortunately, I’m not very good with abstract statements like ‘provide value’ so my Sesame Street brain translates it into:

Help people feel rich.

And although a Ferrari might make its driver feel richer in status (as the driver of the 21 year old Daihatsu, Miss Daisy, this is a guess) and although getting a hundred thousand followers on Instagram might make you feel rich in popularity (as a complete social media phobe this is also a guess), most messages from people who want something from you try to make you feel inadequate before offering to ‘fix’ you with shiny objects.

I think the best way to help someone really feel like they’ve won the lottery is simply to remind them how much they matter, how much their presence counts, how phenomenal and spectacular it is that they are here.

You feel rich when you realise that you (not the Ferrari or the big numbers) are precious…

A famous Buddhist story asks you to imagine a piece of driftwood with a hole in it floating on the surface of an ocean that covers the entire Earth.  Now imagine a blind sea turtle that comes to the surface only once every 100 years.

What are the chances of that blind turtle happening to stick its head through that single hole?  According to some calculations this is the chance of you being born… something like one in four hundred trillion.

This is how close to impossibility arriving in this human life is. 

We are all ancient little turtles coming up for air. 

You are a miracle and every life around you is a miracle too.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. IRINA IVANOV says:

    Privet Shao,
    I am starting my full qualification to become a paramedic. I nearly finished this several years ago and my so called ‘ Close friends ‘ and my boyfriend turned fiancé told me I am silly and wasting my time. I have turned my back on these friends and my boyfriend is gone and I have sold his expensive engagement ring. No regrets about that. They put me off saying I am wasting my time. I now know I did a mistake. Treating people is what I want to do and always what I wanted to do. I might join the military in a medical capacity.
    Yes Mrs Shao, All human life matters, is precious, is phenomenal and should appreciate how lucky each man and woman is to be here on Earth.
    When I came to London I saw how precious and phenomenal some people are. They did not look or ask for glory, they were normal people doing special things.
    Shao, you also special, precious, phenomenal . You are a Blue Turtle that has found the hole in the one piece of wood in all the oceans. You are precious to me and I have your little cute card in my wallet which given to me
    Very difficult to access blog in Russia but possible.

    Люблю тебя, Шао. Я никогда не забуду свой опыт в Англии.
    Do Svidaniya



    1. Shâo says:

      Privet Irina, thank you for taking the time to comment and congratulations on following your own path and doing what you want to do. It sounds like a very brave step. Deciding to end relationships that no longer support you can be very difficult. It’s sad to hear that it’s difficult for you to access things that people like me take for granted but moving to hear that you’ve found a way. You brought your energy and openness to your experiences and you carry them with you. I wish you the very best of luck in this brave new step in your life. Ya zhelayu tebe vsego nailuchshego v zhizni.


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