‘Game over’ or ‘Game on’?

In the alphabet of doing what you love… today’s post comes to you by the letters G, H and I

G is for ‘Game over’ or ‘Game on’?

You’ve decided what you love, made time for it, bought the right outfit for it and it’s all very exciting. Until it’s not. You get fidgety and irritable. It’s just not fun any more.

This is your ‘game over’ or ‘game on’ moment. Your laptop/pottery wheel/dance floor is playing with you… working out what you’re like under pressure… are you a quitter? Or do you get fired up like a terrifying All Black at the rugby World Cup:

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!

I’ve just watched this on repeat 5 times
H is for Hype

You might be a bit successful in your endeavour. You might write a popular post or score a goal or win the X Factor. This feels good. People will say nice things. But letting go of success is just as vital for growing and learning as letting go of failure.

Beyond the first dozen high fives and fist pumps, investing in the hype is one of the best ways to get attached to the past and fixate on trying to repeat a formula instead of progressing, taking risks and creating something new. So enjoy your moment, take a theatrical bow…

And move on.

I is for Ignorance

Enjoy not knowing. Doing what you love is about mostly having no idea what’s going on and walking down the path of infinite learning every day anyway.

When I started this blog, I absolutely hated not knowing whether it was a good decision, what I was going to say, whether I could keep up the momentum, what a ‘tag’ was. I still know only slightly more than nothing. But if you knew how much you didn’t know, you’d never start.

Ignorance gives you the audacity to be a tiny fish in a humungous pond… time to go for a swim

This year only has space for the bold and the audacious and the brave. Don’t try to convince me you are not those things.

Jeanette LeBlanc
Photo by Will Wu on Pexels.com

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