It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

You know all those clichés about the permanent downpours in London? Load of nonsense! Except yesterday. Yesterday it literally rained constantly from early morning until late into the night. And not just a bit of drizzle… actual dark, dark showers…

And it was awesome! I got the Christmas feeling.

I used to have a friend who understood what I meant when I said, “it feels like Christmas today” on some random day in March. She’d reply, “yeah! Feels like Christmas!” and we’d just hang out and do nothing (I’m not sure where we were supposed to be but we didn’t go there). We allowed ourselves 3 extra Christmases a year (each).

Investment 8: Christmas

It’s easy to get caught up in everything you’re meant to be doing, all the places you’re meant to be going, all the people you’re meant to be meeting… feeling guilty about all of the stuff you can’t possibly get done.

But at Christmas no one has to be anywhere else. Everyone wakes up in the same house, the kids are over excited, no one cares if you’re in your pyjamas until midday (but make sure you get changed into your nice outfit (and Santa socks) by the time the turkey’s out of the oven).

Christmas might not be your thing but think of a special day or time when you don’t feel any guilt whatsoever about doing nothing at all except having fun, being silly, teasing your sister for her birds nest morning hair.

Think of a time when you let yourself completely chill.

Think of a time when you aren’t putting enormous pressure on yourself to kick ass, achieve, succeed.

Think of a time when you let yourself be a kid again.

3 times a year? Pah! That’s for Scrooges! Have one of those days at least once a month…

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho… Merry Christmas!
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlene Macy says:

    Yay, I saw your post from the other day.
    I’m glad you like tennis, thats my thing, I used to play competitively.
    You like Nadal and my favourite is Djokovik. I suppose could have been demoralised by Federer if they were not mentally strong.
    I passed my initial assessment and the traumatic medical because I showed the damage on my lower half. I was in tears for 2 whole days. I felt like a Rockstar after the medical. My childhood dream of becoming a Air Stewardess is getting closer and closer.
    I have never been happier and more determined. Lots of love to the few people who helped change my life xxx



    1. Shâo says:

      That’s wonderful, Charlene. You’re an inspiration!


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