Be an apple tree

“Apple trees don’t care if we like their apples or not. They don’t care if we make apple juice, applesauce or apple mayonnaise with their apples. Apple trees aren’t ever thinking, “how many apples will I sell?” or “what will I get for these apples?” 

If they did care, they’d be so caught up worrying about the endless number of things that could happen to their apples that it would stifle their ability to make them.” 

Kyle Cease, I Hope I Screw This Up

Sometimes writing a blog post is easy peasy. Feeling, idea, words. Boom!

But sometimes it feels arduous, annoying, like a grumpy mother in law has decided to take an extended holiday in my brain and tell me all the things that are wrong with my feeling/idea/words.

But creativity is about making stuff and if it’s really your stuff then it hasn’t been made before. If it’s really your dream, no one’s every dreamt it before. If it really comes from your imagination, no one has ever imagined it before.

It’s a unique apple.

That means it’s absolutely impossible for you, or any critic (real or imaginary), to know whether it’s any ‘good’ or not. It may well turn out to be a totally useless apple… unusable by any other human being on the planet. But luckily and happily, that’s none of your business. It’s none of your business what people think of, feel about, do with your stuff after you’ve produced it.

You just make stuff.

You invest your time, energy, heart into making your apples (writing your book, painting your picture, telling your story) not worrying about whether anyone will like your weird creations or not.

It’s impossible to fail as an apple tree but your branches will feel sad without any apples.

(And look what Steve Jobs did with his apple!)

“We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.”

Steve Jobs
Photo by Tom Swinnen on

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