Clown around

Last night I almost ate a whole bag of barbecue coated peanuts for dinner (I think they put cocaine in that devilish barbecue coating so it’s not really my fault). My brain had been tricked into a nutritional choice that my body disagreed with.

Addictive behaviour: removing all power from your body to say no to something that’s not good for you (like narcotic enhanced snacks).

It reminded me of a workshop where a clown (yep… an actual clown) taught a group of us how to move across a hall mimicking the evolution of man from tadpole through chimpanzee.

He set us up for this activity by showing how ‘modern people’ have become completely disconnected from their bodies (allowing addictions to things like cheesy wotsits and Netflix to thrive). Pointing dramatically to his feet, he sped around the hall like a cartoon character being chased by a bear to remind us how our primeval ancestors used to run across the great plains. Then we’d moved indoors and sat down in schools and factories…

Our lives have slowly moved up our bodies so that we now live completely in our heads.

He pulled himself up by an imaginary string stretching his body into the air and mimed, “where is there to go from here?!” His response to his own question was that we get back into our bodies so we resumed our bizarre pantomime (we all looked ridiculous… it was fun).

I thought I was scared of clowns until I met Gonzalo

I put the peanuts away (devil’s food!) and asked my body what it wanted. Yoga and kale (the cave version of me would’ve got picked off by a lion years ago!).

Movement is good for the body. Stillness is good for the mind.

Sakyong Mipham

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